Morgan's Barn Mead

Artisan Tasmanian small batch melomel and cyser

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Morgan’s Barn Mead produces non-commercial cyser (known as Morgan’s Barn) and melomel (known as Morgan’s Strumpet) using Tasmanian apples and honey sourced directly from local suppliers.

A Mission to Create a Local Artisan Product

Our ethos is simple. Local organic products where possible – within 50km, the closer to Morgan’s Barn the better. Embrace the wild yeasts. Avoid unnecessary chemicals. Follow our tongue.

The Convict Richard Morgan

Our story is an authentic Australian one. Our mazer is a great great great great great grandson of the First Fleet convict Richard Morgan who arrived in Australia aboard HMS Alexander. Richard Morgan, sentenced to 7 years and transported for theft and assault, was on Norfolk Island and later granted a valuable parcel of land on the Eastern Shore of Hobart, Tasmania. Morgan’s Barn, known as Rosny Barn , is a local historic cultural landmark.

More About Our Mazer

Our mazer is an ex-convict of the modern Tasmanian prison system on the same path to redemption that saw Richard Morgan re-invent himself in a young Australia. The authentic experience of Morgan’s Barn Mead is central to that Australian convict story.

Commercialising in 2014-2015

We are currently working towards commercialisation of the product and development of this website. We embrace lovers, pirates and the wonderful bees that make it all possible.

In the near future Morgan’s Barn Mead will court investors to launch commercial operations. Keep your eye on this website for opportunities.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about Morgan’s Barn Mead feel free to contact us through our cellar door .